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Nelakondapalli is a historic site encompassed by a mud fortification wall covering nearly 100 acres . Excavations have unearthed foundations of brick built Viharas, wells, cisterns, a Mahastupa,[1] terracotta figurines, a bronze idol of Buddha, a miniature Stupa carved in limestone, and other materials from the third and fourth centuries. …

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Parna means leaf and shala means shelter so Parnashala means a residence built with leaves or it simply means a hut. The Parnashala I am writing about is the name of the place along River Godavari in the dense Dhandakaranya forest where Lord Sri Rama along with Sita Devi and …

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Bhadrachalam Temple

 A sacred place that attracts lakhs of devotees from all over the world, it is the abode of Lord Rama (The seventh incarnation of SriMahavishnu). This hill place which is encircled by holy river Godavari flowing towards southern direction is the famous shrine Bhadrachalam-The name derived from Bhadragiri (Mountain of …

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